4 Reasons to Invest in Ed Williamson

If the name Ed Williamson rings a bell, you might know him as the Ex Professional Rugby Player Premiership for over a decade.  He and his family moved to Southwest France in 2014 so he could transition from playing to painting full time.  Since that time his work has been exhibited at a variety of places around the world, from New York to Monaco. Now a highly sought-after artist, we cover four key points on why acquiring an artwork by Ed Williamson is a smart investment move.



Mixing street art, with classic figurative, read on to discover why now is the perfect time to add an Ed Williamson piece to your collection!


1. The artist is Celebrity Endorsed

Ed was first introduced to Art at an early age, through his mother and father who in their own rights were highly celebrated professional artists. It was his father who suggested that Ed Williamson start dabbling in portraiture, and since then, the artist’s renown and price points have skyrocketed.


Ed Williamson - Works | Nova Fine Art




2. Charity Events

Ed has typically attended many celebrity events, where he has created many works for Charity to support incredible causes and raising thousands of pounds.  Many of which have seen record in such a short amount of time, it is worth considering acquiring one of his artworks as soon as possible, as his prices are likely to increase in the future.


3. Collaborations with Toby Flood, Gareth Thomas CBE, Sir Peter Jones…

Ed Williamson has also partnered with various celebrities and brands, creating artworks for the likes of Toby Flood (Rugby Star), Gareth Thomas, Sir Peter Jones. Most notably, the artist was commissioned by Carol Vorderman to create a bespoke commission her 60th Birthday in 2021. With such strong connections in the halls of fame, it is no wonder that Ed Williamson wash has received so much attraction and popularity in the art market in such a short amount of time.


I have Control

Commissioned By Carol Vorderman


4. Each piece bears a unique signature

One of the most unique things about Ed Williamson is the way he signs his artworks. The artist hand signs each of his pieces, sometimes in pen, sometimes in paint and sometimes even just a block of colour on the canvas with a wax stamp. As with all Artwork’s from Nova Fine Art a certificate of authenticity is also a part of the purchase. This way we can ensure that your artwork by Ed Williamson is unique and authentic. In addition, many of the Ed’s works embody his unique send of humour and his aim, not only to create beautiful art by interesting and challenging.

These four points may build the case for why now is a good time to invest in an artwork by Ed Williamson, but what can we expect from the artist in the future?

We spoke with Ed in early March as we discussed preparations for his upcoming shows across the galleries and of course the latest collection of originals and studio editions. He was very excited to start sharing the exciting new collaborations that are on the way.


What better time, then, to invest in a work by this rising star? Ed Williamson’s legacy will live on long after he is gone, and you can make one of his artworks your own, right here at Nova Fine Art!


20 March 2022
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