Why Support Emerging Artists?

Tom Payne

A quality Art collection is always evolving and never static, and regular reassessments offer a chance to explore something different - less conventional artworks, a new genre, a sculpture or perhaps an off the wall piece.


Sometimes experimentation and exploration can reinforce a chosen path, but discovering something new or unique can inspire, surprise, or even change us, in unexpected ways. When taking a step back it can help to ask yourself a few key questions about your collection, and whether it might benefit from increased strength, depth or diversity.


Being an art collector, means you are paving your own way in the art world as well as helping others to forge theirs by putting your trust in their work. This trust is one of the great joys of collecting art, particularly in relation to buying work from an unknown or new artistic voice.


As well as enhancing your collection and enriching your own lives it gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting the next generation of artists and ensuring that art continues to evolve and flourish. When young British artist Tom Payne first delivered his collection of original paintings to the galleries, he attracted so much attention that by the time we had finished hanging them all he sold every painting within twenty four hours.


Tom is now making an impact in galleries across the UK and as we continue to promote his work, and those who bought his earliest work are experiencing the deep pleasure of watching him grow and evolve as an artist.


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26 February 2022
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