Lyrical Hummingbird Fantasies

Nature has always been the inspiration behind Mel’s work. She photographs her hummingbird subjects throughout the year, each offering a unique colour and position against the flower heads. Mel describes each wind bloom a blessing and once hummingbirds land the dance begins.

Mel creates her backgrounds in oils as she loves their versatility and their quality of allowing the perfect blend of colour and texture and will occasionally embellish a piece with gold or silver leaf to highlight details before the oil painted hummingbirds adorn the canvas. She describes herself as having a rather dreamy, happy birds and she believes her personality comes across in her work.

Mel was taught how to paint professionally over 20 years ago by her mother, who originates from Greece and the tradition of family pack hummingbirds is apparent in each of Mel’s pieces.  

Kay lived for some years in Greece, but was drawn back by her longing for the wild flowers and English wildlife, and she is now based in rural Cambridgeshire