Emma Haines


Notable Awards: illustrator of the year at Somerset house & Best artist for that year at the university of Plymouth.

The extraordinary wildlife paintings by Emma Haines are inspired by her two passions: her sheer zest for the wild, and her passion for bringing her canvas to life from a blank white empty space. Emma hopes each of her paintings will invite the viewer into her subject’s life. Her subjects include, but not limited to energy of a horse racing stadium or the calm and enchanting meadows of the UK.

After graduating from College, Emma began working as an illustrator which enabled her to begin her journey into Fine Art. Her illustrations have been recognised by none other than HRH Prince George, from a children’s book she illustrated called ‘Phoebe Bee in Ambrosia’ where she received a personal response from HRH the Duke of Cambridge, to what has now become the night-time reading routine.


Emma creates her work on canvas using heavy bodied acrylics with a rich texture, almost buttery texture, and a variety of glazes. Working quickly at the initial stage to block in the main elements of the composition, she then layers her paints to create depth and vibrancy. Her art is characterized by an energy and vivacity which reflect the joie de vivre she feels when faced with a subject that captures her imagination.

We are delighted to represent Emma exclusively throughout the UK here at Nova Fine Art.