Piper Bridwell


Having come from a long line of creative's, I was introduced to art at an early age.  I was born in 1982 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA.   Growing up as a child and as an adolescent I watched my mother, a professional sculpture and painter, create beautiful art from our home studio. To be honest, I never dreamt I would be a professional artist but I have always had an appreciation for art.  Even as a child I remember looking at paintings close up and wondering how the artist would create certain textures or blend colors so perfectly, but it wasn't until I was an adult that I purchased a canvas and attempted to create.  I fell absolutely head over heels in love. 


Being a self-taught artist comes with years of experimentation.  And naturally a lot of my attempts led to wasted canvas.  Finding my own true artistic voice took years of painting and experimenting with as many styles as I could.  It was going back to my childhood love of texture and soft blending that would make my heart skip a beat. Oil paints are my medium of choice.  They respond to blending more naturally on the canvas and I love the way they feel under my brush. 


My art is inspired by my deep faith.  The raw emotions that run through my heart and soul while I'm creating is something that is hard to explain.  Gratitude is the theme behind most of my work.  I am so blessed.  The fact that I get to do what I love more than anything, in a beautiful studio-gallery, with soulful music makes my heart SO happy.  I get to create and flood the room with the richest colors and best aromas of oil paints that excite the senses.  Varying events that are going on in my life play a part in my art as well.  It almost seems that when things are tough, some of my best work is born.  My work can best be expressed as an overflow from my heart to my hands. It is generally bold with thick texture that you just want to touch.  I often hide symbols or words that speak to me while I am creating which allows viewers to explore each little nuance.  I hope my work brings joy to all who lay eyes upon!