Introducing The Ripper

Exclusive collection at Nova Fine Art

We are delighted to have partnered with the artist described by many as the powerhouse of street art, The Ripper.


His bold style lives right on the edge and shows the bravery more accustomed to his white knuckle day job. The Rippers style is derived from understanding what looks good and taking chances to merge differing styles where others may not dare. His mantra of ‘To be the best you’ve got to learn from the best... or ‘rip’ their best ideas from them!’ has certainly paid off so far.


10 years on from completing his first piece of very distinctive urban art in his dingy student digs The Rippers work now hangs over the fireplaces of DJs and the trophy cabinets of premiership footballers and pays homage to Warhol, Haring, Banksy, Basquiat and more. Multi-layered, both literally and metaphorically, his work is an orchestrated collision of street art and pop art that has challenged cultural norms and made him a legend.


Please contact your local gallery to acquire a piece for yourself.

8 April 2022
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