Charlie Yallop


I have drawn all my life, sketching and painting houses and their surrounding landscapes from a young age.


I started to experiment with bolder colour palettes after finishing University and fell in love with the flexibility of paint. Friends and family asked me to create paintings for them and things took off from there. As people started requesting commissions, I turned my passion into something more serious and spent time experimenting to find my style and eventually built up a few series of paintings.


My style combines colour and bold marks with my love of travelling the world. I base my work on places that I have visited or abstract views of the world around me to create paintings that capture the feeling of a place. 

Having grown up in Norfolk, I bring the freedom and happiness of being by the coast into my work to create calm yet striking paintings. I love that I can put these feelings onto canvas and invite viewers in to experience them. My work can be found in people’s homes and offices around the world from the UK to Amsterdam and Australia.