The high impact street art of W.H.G takes some of the most famous icons of our time out of their comfort zones and into a world they could have only imagined, a far cry away from the expected norms. Popular culture plays an important role in the artists life, seeing him merging characters and ideas from images that paved his childhood into a completely original and sometimes bizarre world. W.H.G invites us to take on a new perspective on what makes the modern-day beauty world and our desires for fame and celebrity in a contemporary world where media and communication connects us all far more closely than we realise.


Growing up in Cardiff, South Wales, W.H.G was heavily influenced by the graffiti tagged streets before he left for the dizzy heights of London where he now dedicates his time to creating murals and street art which is forming his name amongst his contemporaries.


Combining a mix of aerosol paint, acrylics, silkscreen, inks, collage, and photography in his compositions, W.H.G builds each one with around 10-15 layers, at least 10 of which are made with different silkscreens or photography elements, and in some cases finishes them with multiple coats of varnish enhancing the colours and intensity. Every element of each piece is handmade - giving every piece its own unique message, handpicked from Urban Culture.


W.H.G describes his work as energetic and intricate and is influenced by everything from old school hip hop to the natural world. He loves the vitality and animation of the big city, finding beauty in the chaos of bricks, cables, and water tanks; he is interested in architecture and how the built environment coexists with nature, often juxtaposing flowers and plants with graffiti and crumbling facades.

Growing his skills daily, W.H.G has joined with Nova Fine Art exclusively within the UK to grow his international awareness. We are delighted to debut is first UK collection offers a fabulous opportunity to collectors in the UK.