Colin Wilson


My first introduction to art was drawing Bugs Bunny at my grandparents' house.  I must've only been about 3 years old at the time.  I spent a great deal of my time back then copying cartoon characters. My Grandad was a huge source of encouragement for me when I was young and, I believe, is the source of any artistic talent I possess.


I would describe myself as largely self-taught however I did study at art college in Dundee winning an award at the end of my course which granted me the honour of exhibiting my work at The Royal Scottish Academy's New Contemporaries exhibition in 2011.   While I gained a great deal from my studies, I would say that the vast majority of my learning came from my fellow artists.


I've exhibited in many group shows across the UK and was delighted to be granted my first solo show in Edinburgh in 2018. 


I've always admired the precision of photorealism.  I love the simplicity and universal understanding with this type of art.  People tend to "get it" and most appreciate the skill required.  Coming from a family of engineers the draughtsman in me loves the challenge of trying to reproduce reality and all its subtle complexities.  My work isn't highly conceptual.  My aim is simply to bring out the most in everyday objects and showcase a moment.


Although I've flirted with other mediums, I'm yet to find anything better suited to my style of working than acrylic.  It is fast, immediate and forgiving.   I work half from life and half from a computer screen. It takes me weeks to finish a painting.  I start from the top and work my way down to the bottom.  Nothing exceptional; just a lot of time and patience.


I've tried many different styles of painting over the years. I've painted landscapes, portraiture, abstract, collage and for the past 5 years, still life.  For me the pleasure is in the process of painting. I suppose my ideas about what it means to be an artist have changed a lot since graduating from art college. The novelty and appreciation I have for being able to paint for a living only grows stronger the older I get.