My interest in art originally started when I was 5 and my 'masterpiece' won the 'King of Buttons' Cadbury's painting competition.


Throughout my childhood I was very artistic, encouraged by my parents to be creative and experiment with different mediums from a young age. My grandparents are both talented watercolour painters and although I prefer to work with oils, acrylics and spray paints, I learnt a lot from spending time with them painting landscape scenes and flowers. 


Although I have only recently been signed as a published artist, I have been developing my style, technique and bold colour use since my teenage years.


From our head office in Oxfordshire, I now spend the daytime developing and managing the growth of my nationwide land remediation company, and the evenings indulging in my true passion; the creation of beautiful abstract pieces of art. With the music turned up and a paintbrush or palette knife in hand I feel the stress of my day melt away; the process of creating a painting is therapeutic to me and I love developing unique pieces that take centre stage in people's homes.


I take inspiration from the rural aspects around my home in Warwickshire, along with the coastal beauty of Dartmouth, Devon and its surrounding areas when my wife and I take our children on holiday there. I use texture to drum up atmosphere and drama in my pieces and focus on colour, working to make them look like a scene from outer space or a turbulent skyscape. I use resin to cover my creations which gives a glass-like, colour popping, indulgent finish however I must admit that using resin was a learning curve which took a lot of practice, ruined pieces and perseverance before I mastered my desired look!