Tom Burbidge

My paintings seek alignment with vast space, Luxury Interior and Contemporary Design. I work religiously for no other reason than a love and compulsion for Art and a greater understanding of my own self and the mind.


I am influenced by all stimuli; Architecture, Landscape, Sound, Memory, Figure, Mood and Climate. A self confessed fascination with painterly mark-making, layers, both organised and un-organised that create dynamic planes in my work, some of which remain and others erased to add history or feeling as they are viewed. The sensation of space in my work must be present, providing relief to the viewer whilst offering a 'breath', in contrast to the more complex areas of my work.


Painting is an exploration within me, instinctive and completely unknown all at once. I believe one would notion that my work tackles varied atmosphere, whilst challenging the balance and boundary of using prominent colour against negative space. The elements are compounded to create a non-apologetic facade, that is both aggressive and calm.


Historically a Portrait Artist, I now believe representation can often pose as a vehicle to give the viewer an easily digestible skill indication in a simpler language. Although I still enjoy representation, in the creation of a subject matter often comes a limit, a 'ceiling' if it were, the limitation of capturing a 'likeness' of a given form, figure, face or object can minimise the use of colour, texture and mind within a painting.

I work predominately with acrylic to create a feeling, a mood, as the painting 'takes' you somewhere, noticing all components of the visual without drawing the viewer to one singular area, more a discovery of each element as they are revealed in their intended sequence.



My paintings encapsulate an obsession with line, shape, structure, bold texture, balance and contrast in colour that work together and compliment one another to form a harmonious, seemingly accomplished aesthetic that I can deem 'finished.