Jamie Kettle

As a Data Visualisation designer by trade, I create visual stories from data, in order to simplify complex subjects. However, I also love being able to carry this narrative into my paintings where I can switch to being more expressive.

My work relies heavily on contrast. I attempt to create energy and excitement in my paintings by juxtaposing clean flat colour against, busy, heavily textured acrylic. I feel this method helps me to communicate the raw complexity of the human consciousness.

I attempt to capture the visceral and powerful emotions of the subject in the absence of features which would naturally convey this, eyes, facial expressions etc. I like the ambiguous interpretation this encourages, allowing everyone to take away something individual from each viewing. 

A recent experiment of mine has been within the subject of anthropomorphisation. Especially within nature, and how our own social references allow us to form a tangible perspective that we can relate to animal behaviours.

What would Mother Nature look like in human form? 

Framing this ubiquitous power within a humanoid figure presents a context we can begin to draw comparisons too. Holding up a mirror to society, if it were.

In doing so, the importance and urgency of tackling complex issues such as climate change may become clearer.