Mr. Controversial

I transform vintage imagery relegated to the past and bring it back to life with oil paint and relatable captions that tell comical, satirical and sometimes dark stories.


I want to create art that makes people stop, think and above all feel something. When you look at my art it should spark a memory, an emotion, a feeling. A 'Familiar Surprise'. By re-working 1950's imagery and interweaving thought provoking captions, I create art that is nostalgic, visually arresting and instantly relatable. As if you have stumbled upon something that hits the nail on the head of your own everyday life, making the ordinary extraordinary & hilariously absurd.


If you don't look at my art and think 'OMG that's so true' or 'That's SO me, I can relate!' and if you aren't blown away by the aesthetic in the imagery and oil paint… then I haven't bloody done my job as an Artist.