Atticus Grey


I started life on the outskirts of London, but now spend most of my time in Cambridgeshire.

As the son of an artist, growing up around creativity and a passion for art gave me a yearning to follow in my fathers footsteps.


I started my journey with photography and loved, in particular, the shadows created by the female form. It quickly became apparent I wasn't much of a photographer, but what I was able to do was create what I wanted those photos to look like, with paint on canvas. However, fine art has never been a strength of mine and painting in the classical manner caused not only endless angst over having correct proportions, but stole away from the initial joy of painting generally. After trying a few different styles I knew I had found what I was looking for when my current abstract style appeared. I loved the way it conveyed the form with such personality, yet with little detail.


I use colour to portray the personality and natural aura of each model. I like to think my style frames the form beautifully without the unnecessary labels of skin tone or exacting proportions . I also like the way they are faceless, they portray a human body, but the details are in the eye of the beholder.


I enjoy listening to music while I paint, and I think the two are connected….brush strokes alone are nothing, but together they can take any form, much like notes creating a wonderful piece of music.